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What John Edwards had to say about John Kerry

"In 1969, I was sitting around a kitchen table with my parents trying to figure out how we would pay for college. ... And that is a difference between me and Senator Kerry."

"I mean I come from a working class family in the rural South. And there's certainly strengths associated and I think it makes me a strong candidate in parts of the country that are very hotly contested."

"One thing, though, I want us to be very careful about, you know, I listen to candidates talk about health care. They say, 'Oh, we're going to cover 97 percent. Everybody is going to be covered. All the kids are going to be covered. We're going to give you all these tax cuts for the middle class, and oh, by the way, we're also going to balance the budget in the next four years.' It's just not the truth. People need to know the truth about what we can afford and what we can't afford. They have been listening to this talk over and over and over for years. It's part of the reason they are so cynical about politics."

"[S]enator Kerry has consistently said that he can pay for all the things that he's proposing and substantially reduce the deficit, I think I've heard him say cut it in half, in his first term. Well, The Washington Post...just analyzed his proposals, and it's the same old thing. Here we go again. In fact, he overspends, in terms of being able to pay for all of his proposals, he overspends by $165 billion in his first term, which means he would drive us deeper and deeper into deficit. My point is very simple about all this. This is the same old Washington talk that people have been listening to for decades. They [the voters] want something different."

"There are multiple differences on economics. One, the difference in our personal stories. Two, I'm the person who's focused much more on what has to be done for the middle class. Three, I have not heard him talk about poverty. I doubt if it would be a priority."

"[John Kerry has] not been clear to me [on Iraq]. I think he's said some different things at different points in time. So I think there's been some inconsistency."

"First of all, if I can get the truth-o-meter out here again for just a minute. John Kerry, you are not the only one who has a plan to bring down the cost of health care. I have a very clear plan about how to do that."

"I think Howard Dean and John Kerry have good hearts. They want to do the right thing. ... But I think it matters to have lived it, and I have lived it."

"I want people to know what the differences are between us. I mean, I come from a different background than he does. I have new, fresh ideas about how we can change Washington."

"There is a difference between Senator Kerry and myself. ... What he's saying now is different than what he did in the past."